WordCamp Miami 2013 Notes

General Conference Notes

Importance of Story-telling in Web Design
Denise Jacobs

  • Storytelling is all about connecting with your customer
  • Numbers don’t teach people
  • Storytelling
    • A better way to teach
    • Triggers an emotional response
  • 21st Century Bards
    • It’s about being unique
    • Characters/Mascots
    • Scene & Setting – Our Personal World
  • Website
    • Not linear – they can get to your site on any page
    • Need to establish a path
      • who, what, when, where, why
    • How to do
      • Micro-Content: testimonials, more links, and other widgets
      • Macro-Content: banners
    • Pictures
      • You pick up more information from pictures
    • You need explanation points and pauses
      • You don’t want to ramble on
  • Incorporation
    • Reverse Engineer
      • Start at the end and work backwards
    • Literary Devices
      • foreshadowing, metaphor, imagery…
    • Don’t mix messages
    • BOOK
      • Enhnasment or Enchangment (butterfly on top)

Increase WordPress Performance on the Stack
Taylor Jasko

  • PHP can’t keep up
    • hard to handle a lot of traffic
      • mysql is hit hard
  • NGINX – used by WordPress.com
    • keeps server up
    • multi-acceptgzip
    • for varnish
      • Wp-Varnish Plugin – bit.ly/vpvarnish
    • Have Nginx on port 8080, Varnish on 80
  • Try to use InnoDB (vs MyISAM)
  • caching queries! – homepaege

Design Talk
Jayvie Canodo

  • css-3 unfriendly layer effect
  • converting to something… update
    • expand library of type
      • get font squirrel
  • You need to understand who things are coded to design, not neccisarily the code
  • Put things in folders in you PSD
    • give names that talk to the developer (15 min)
  • Tool – color zilla (css gradient)

Freelance Primer
Shane Pearlman

  • Success – Family, Friends, Fitness, Finance, Faith, Fun
  • 15.3 million people are freelancers
  • Find a mentor
  • “I can predict the long-term outcome of your success if you show me your daily habits.” – John Maxwell
    • talk to others
  • ACCOUNTABILITY – trumps talent
    • The art of setting (& re-setting) expectations is the secret to a happy life. The cult of the genius is BS.
  • It’s not out of sight if it’s in your calendar
    • No one likes a super hero who is consistently 30 minutes too late.
  • Clock it
    • your time is valuable
  • The Daily Minimum
    • min amount to bill each day
  • Measure Performance
    • Trying is good. Saving the world is better.
    • Ask the client –> What does a win look like?
      • Just keep asking
      • Things change
      • Be effective instead of efficient
  • Backup
  • The Urgent vs Important
    • When your look important, people want to buy your stuff
  • Peace of mind
    • Have 6 months of savings
  • Make a list of everyone you know
    • call them and ask if they need your services
  • Getting the perfect voicemail
    • Hey _____, I have a question for you! Can you give me a call at 555-555-5555?
      • 90% return call success rate
  • Referrals
    • ask the client when they love you most (middle)
  • Presentation Matters – Be Professional
    • Don’t work in your PJs
    • dumb emails
    • no clip art
    • dont refuse to meet on video
    • Don’t say dumb stuff on Facebook and Twitter
  • We vs I
    • Unless your the hulk, get a bud
    • The client thinks of you, not the company
    • Company name? davidparsons.me or krakendesigns.com
  • Try Subcontracting (hint)
    • takes some stress off
  • Sell when you need it least
  • What’s In A Contract
    • Scope, Time, Budget, Terms
    • haked site
  • Get it in writing
    • its about clarity
    • http://bit.ly/sp-customer-contract
    • http://bit.ly/sp-master-services-agreement
  • Get a Down-Payment!
  • Pay attention to patterns

Offensive Support
Mason James

  • wpvalet.com
  • Product vs Service vs Support
    • People will always use your service incorrectly
  • The cost of lost of people complaining in public > Cost of fewer people complaining in public + Cost of support efforts
  • How to do it
    • Answer Questions
      • FAQs
      • Hot-to articles
      • User Forums
      • Document, Document, Document
  • Offensive Support
    • Authentic Communication (wherever they are is where you should be)
      • Phone
      • Email – give it out
        • More access means less junk
        • Puts a face on your company
  • Making a change?
    • Pricing
    • Strategy
    • Service
  • Communicate ahead of time
  • The Nuts and Bolts
    • Feedback Surveys
    • Reach out regularly afterwards
      • How are you doing?
      • Iterate on it!
  • Service – User Voice!
    • voice out what they do on your site
  • Everyone is a support rep in your company
  • Eat your own dog food!
    • Use your own services
  • Don’t take yourself to seriously
    • dont stress too much
    • humans make mistakes
    • How do you apologize?
  • Resources
    • uservoice.com/blog
    • helpscout.net/blog
    • neltockcom/blog
  • Use a ticketing system, not just email
  • They use mailchimp
  • zen desk – ticketing system

Google Analytics – Measuring for Success
Ken Granger

  • Bounce Rate – people who clicked the back button
  • Look at it on a weekly basis
  • Lots of great info
    • location
    • time
    • speed
    • browser
    • much more
  • Create a custom dashboard
  • Get a report sent to you

Beginner Workshop Notes

Domain Names, Hosting, WordPress.ORG vs .COM

David Bisset

  • .com is still the best choice
  • instantdomainsearch.com – helps you think of alternative domain names
  • Don’t get domain names at a hosting company
    • Just forward it so you don’t have to worry when you switch hosts
  • Where to get domain names – hover.com
  • Pick the hosting plan that works best for you
  • Some hosts don’t let you install certain plugins and other applications

Installing WordPress / Site Settings/ Users & User Rules

Mauricia Ragland

  • Check out every settings page within WordPress at least once
  • Did a demo on how to install WordPress and when over basic settings

Your First Post / Posts vs. Pages / Categories / Tags / Comments

David Laietta

  • Pages don’t use categories or tags
  • Don’t use too many tags
  • CPT’s are powerful

Importing/Exporting, Bulk Posting, Customizing Themes

Ernie Hsiung

  • Use VaultPress if you can afford it!
  • Use Backup Buddy!!!
  • Change the folder name for your plugin or theme in order to debug
  • Use custom css feature of Jetpack in order to make custom css changes

“Must Have” Plugins For Beginners

Jackqueline Jimenez

  • Security Plugins
  • Use Yoast’s WordPress SEO Plugin
  • Backup with ValtPresss, Backup Buddy, and Backup to Dropbox
  • MailChimp for Email Newsletter