Automating My Personal Site Updates

I recently moved this site over to DigitalOcean. I decided to start everything over from scratch. Here are the tutorials I went though:

  1. Server Setup
  2. LEMP
  3. HTTPS and HTTP2
  4. WordPress
  5. GZIP

In addition, I wanted to automate the updates on my server including: Ubuntu, WordPress and Custom Github Code. I implemented auto-updates by doing the following:

  • Installing and configuring unattended-upgrades instead of running “sudo apt-get update” and “sudo apt-get upgrade” every time I want to update the server.
  • Installed WP-CLI to manage WP, themes and plugins.
  • Created a list of bash alias’ and put them into my servers .bash_profile file to run a single command to update everything within the server.

Git Merge 2016 Conference Notes


look into bitmap vs array (bitmap is faster)
use https
git credential helper
git config
look into enterprise config for git autodesk
git version 1.8
git lfs
local user setup
credential helper with token
additonal… source code agreement

usage suggestion:

create branches
push often
merge instead of rebase
avoid cherry picking
configure git ignore…
avoid many files… > 100k
use submodules… 1 level
use git lfs for large files


make git bash commands
use alias

WordCamp Miami 2013 Notes

General Conference Notes

Importance of Story-telling in Web Design
Denise Jacobs

  • Storytelling is all about connecting with your customer
  • Numbers don’t teach people
  • Storytelling
    • A better way to teach
    • Triggers an emotional response
  • 21st Century Bards
    • It’s about being unique
    • Characters/Mascots
    • Scene & Setting – Our Personal World
  • Website
    • Not linear – they can get to your site on any page
    • Need to establish a path
      • who, what, when, where, why
    • How to do
      • Micro-Content: testimonials, more links, and other widgets
      • Macro-Content: banners
    • Pictures
      • You pick up more information from pictures
    • You need explanation points and pauses
      • You don’t want to ramble on
  • Incorporation
    • Reverse Engineer
      • Start at the end and work backwards
    • Literary Devices
      • foreshadowing, metaphor, imagery…
    • Don’t mix messages
    • BOOK
      • Enhnasment or Enchangment (butterfly on top)

Increase WordPress Performance on the Stack
Taylor Jasko

  • PHP can’t keep up
    • hard to handle a lot of traffic
      • mysql is hit hard
  • NGINX – used by
    • keeps server up
    • multi-acceptgzip
    • for varnish
      • Wp-Varnish Plugin –
    • Have Nginx on port 8080, Varnish on 80
  • Try to use InnoDB (vs MyISAM)
  • caching queries! – homepaege

Design Talk
Jayvie Canodo

  • css-3 unfriendly layer effect
  • converting to something… update
    • expand library of type
      • get font squirrel
  • You need to understand who things are coded to design, not neccisarily the code
  • Put things in folders in you PSD
    • give names that talk to the developer (15 min)
  • Tool – color zilla (css gradient)

Freelance Primer
Shane Pearlman

  • Success – Family, Friends, Fitness, Finance, Faith, Fun
  • 15.3 million people are freelancers
  • Find a mentor
  • “I can predict the long-term outcome of your success if you show me your daily habits.” – John Maxwell
    • talk to others
  • ACCOUNTABILITY – trumps talent
    • The art of setting (& re-setting) expectations is the secret to a happy life. The cult of the genius is BS.
  • It’s not out of sight if it’s in your calendar
    • No one likes a super hero who is consistently 30 minutes too late.
  • Clock it
    • your time is valuable
  • The Daily Minimum
    • min amount to bill each day
  • Measure Performance
    • Trying is good. Saving the world is better.
    • Ask the client –> What does a win look like?
      • Just keep asking
      • Things change
      • Be effective instead of efficient
  • Backup
  • The Urgent vs Important
    • When your look important, people want to buy your stuff
  • Peace of mind
    • Have 6 months of savings
  • Make a list of everyone you know
    • call them and ask if they need your services
  • Getting the perfect voicemail
    • Hey _____, I have a question for you! Can you give me a call at 555-555-5555?
      • 90% return call success rate
  • Referrals
    • ask the client when they love you most (middle)
  • Presentation Matters – Be Professional
    • Don’t work in your PJs
    • dumb emails
    • no clip art
    • dont refuse to meet on video
    • Don’t say dumb stuff on Facebook and Twitter
  • We vs I
    • Unless your the hulk, get a bud
    • The client thinks of you, not the company
    • Company name? or
  • Try Subcontracting (hint)
    • takes some stress off
  • Sell when you need it least
  • What’s In A Contract
    • Scope, Time, Budget, Terms
    • haked site
  • Get it in writing
    • its about clarity
  • Get a Down-Payment!
  • Pay attention to patterns

Offensive Support
Mason James

  • Product vs Service vs Support
    • People will always use your service incorrectly
  • The cost of lost of people complaining in public > Cost of fewer people complaining in public + Cost of support efforts
  • How to do it
    • Answer Questions
      • FAQs
      • Hot-to articles
      • User Forums
      • Document, Document, Document
  • Offensive Support
    • Authentic Communication (wherever they are is where you should be)
      • Phone
      • Email – give it out
        • More access means less junk
        • Puts a face on your company
  • Making a change?
    • Pricing
    • Strategy
    • Service
  • Communicate ahead of time
  • The Nuts and Bolts
    • Feedback Surveys
    • Reach out regularly afterwards
      • How are you doing?
      • Iterate on it!
  • Service – User Voice!
    • voice out what they do on your site
  • Everyone is a support rep in your company
  • Eat your own dog food!
    • Use your own services
  • Don’t take yourself to seriously
    • dont stress too much
    • humans make mistakes
    • How do you apologize?
  • Resources
    • neltockcom/blog
  • Use a ticketing system, not just email
  • They use mailchimp
  • zen desk – ticketing system

Google Analytics – Measuring for Success
Ken Granger

  • Bounce Rate – people who clicked the back button
  • Look at it on a weekly basis
  • Lots of great info
    • location
    • time
    • speed
    • browser
    • much more
  • Create a custom dashboard
  • Get a report sent to you

Beginner Workshop Notes

Domain Names, Hosting, WordPress.ORG vs .COM

David Bisset

  • .com is still the best choice
  • – helps you think of alternative domain names
  • Don’t get domain names at a hosting company
    • Just forward it so you don’t have to worry when you switch hosts
  • Where to get domain names –
  • Pick the hosting plan that works best for you
  • Some hosts don’t let you install certain plugins and other applications

Installing WordPress / Site Settings/ Users & User Rules

Mauricia Ragland

  • Check out every settings page within WordPress at least once
  • Did a demo on how to install WordPress and when over basic settings

Your First Post / Posts vs. Pages / Categories / Tags / Comments

David Laietta

  • Pages don’t use categories or tags
  • Don’t use too many tags
  • CPT’s are powerful

Importing/Exporting, Bulk Posting, Customizing Themes

Ernie Hsiung

  • Use VaultPress if you can afford it!
  • Use Backup Buddy!!!
  • Change the folder name for your plugin or theme in order to debug
  • Use custom css feature of Jetpack in order to make custom css changes

“Must Have” Plugins For Beginners

Jackqueline Jimenez

  • Security Plugins
  • Use Yoast’s WordPress SEO Plugin
  • Backup with ValtPresss, Backup Buddy, and Backup to Dropbox
  • MailChimp for Email Newsletter

An Open Sourced Life

If this is your first time here, this is my personal site/portfolio. I have found my passion for Computer Science in these past few years and have realized… that technology advances faster as more and more things become open sourced.

Linux is probably the best example, being the most secure operating system out there while giving away all their content for free. Doing this allows them to get more patches; suggested to them by some of the most advance programers out there. Many can try things out for themselves without worrying about infringing copyright laws.

WordPress is another great example of this. It’s what I use everyday to maintain the websites I create. As the years have passed, I have noticed the security growing as well due to making the software open sourced.

Of course, there is the other end of the spectrum; where people are sharing any information they need to make a quick buck! That’s where Google comes in, at least I would like to think so. I don’t think it will ever be perfect, but I do believe there is only one way to go… up!

This is why I have decided to make my own projects open source as much as possible.

Let me know how you like the site. Thanks for visiting!